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Modern casinos strive to provide more comfort to their customers and favorably distinguish themselves from others, and therefore they are actively introducing and using new technologies.

Every day we hear online casino news about new developments and plans that will become reality in the future. Today we will tell you about modern technologies that are used in the gambling industry today.

Blockchain: the main topic of online casino news

More and more casinos provide their customers with the opportunity to pay with digital currency and even make this payment method the main one. This is because the specificity of blockchain technology ensures the high speed and security of money transactions.

Gamification: a novelty in the world of gambling technologies

This is not just a technology, but a whole science that works to create a better and more interesting product for the player. It has been actively used in casinos in recent years.

The essence of gamification in the field of gambling is to create an additional interactive element. Thanks to this, interesting casino offers began to appear:

  • bonus rounds;
  • quests;
  • tournaments;
  • levels;

and many other elements typical for computer games.

Forecast analytics

Online casino news about forecast analytics or productive analytics often appears on the network. This is a technology that helps to anticipate the needs of players and provide them with recommendations based on individual wishes. To do this, artificial intelligence analyzes a huge amount of information, including the history of the choice of certain games.

In addition, this technology is used to offer customers a variety of bonuses and promotions that are likely to be useful to them.

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